Maturana’s lecture: “Natural Evolutionary Drift”.

Maturana’s lecture: “Natural Evolutionary Drift”. Center CLEA in Belgium and IFICC, an alliance for Foundations Lectures relaunch.


Hosted by IFICC, with an online-streamed transmission.

Date: 20th of January
Hour: 11:00 am (Santiago de Chile time UTC -3)

Foundations Lectures launched internationally on the web: CLEA history and IFICC alliance.
The Center Leo Apostel (CLEA) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, and the Institute of Philosophy and Complexity Sciences (IFICC) have joined to launch internationally on the web the series of talks called “Foundations Lectures”, held during 1995 and 2010 at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
Foundational Lectures invite outstanding scholars that are actively engaged in research on the foundations of a particular discipline. The interactive lectures are addressed to a broad, and interdisciplinary audience, and do not require specific knowledge of the field.
The new format for the Foundations Lectures will be that of an online-streamed talk presented at a host research institute or university. Attendants from all over the world will be able to ask questions in chat offered by the streaming service.
The lecturer chosen for this first Foundations Lecture is Dr. Humberto Maturana  hosted by IFICC. Maturana’s lecture is entitled “Natural Evolutionary Drift,” and will take place on January 20th at 11:00 am (Santiago de Chile time UTC -3).

“Natural Evolutionary Drift”.
The aim of the conference corresponds to our thinking in the domain of our living as biological-cultural beings as it has become since we began to work together after creating Matríztica the year 2000.  Therefore, they show our present vision and understanding of our living as loving languaging molecular autopoietic beings (biological entities) and the operation of the nervous system in our operation as totalities as persons that generally care for what happens as a consequence of what they do to other persons, to other living beings and to the biosphere in general, … but sometimes they do not. For one hand nervous system doesn’t operate with representation of the medium neither symbols and information, operate distinguishing configurations so to understand nervous system in that way change, complete the view in which we stand  to think and do phenomena like learning, perception  evolution, therapy etc.
For the other hand, we human beings often do not care for the consequences of what we do, and we always justify our lack of care with some ad-hoc theory that negates love blinding us to the fact that love is the fundamental sensory, operational and relational condition of the harmony of the ecological ambiance in which a living being can exist, and constitutes the operational relational matrix that makes possible our human living as Homo sapiens-amans amans by making possible the realization and conservation of our molecular autopoiesis as such.  In That sense to show the sensory relational and operational conditions as a relation of organism-niche ecological unity of our nature gives better epistemological perspective to understand the phenomenon of humanness.